Solar Electric Today-What Next For Solar and PG&E?

What does the PG&E bankruptcy filing mean for current and future solar electric customers?

Solar Electric-Current and Future PG&E Customers

Almost all of my prospective and current clients are asking me what the PG&E bankruptcy filing means for them. To say that this turn of events is slightly unnerving is an understatement. At least is was for me, because my schedule took me to the town of Paradise, CA. Not pretty at all.  If you can help, please click on this link –> Red Cross

For current solar customers nothing will change. They will still receive the full value credit per kilowatt hour that their system generates. Whether you recently signed up for solar, or you’re waiting for PTO (permission to operate), it’s business as usual.

If you’re reviewing your options (deciding on which contractor, the equipment, etc) no problem. PG&E will continue to honor the NEM2 arrangement with it’s retail customers, i.e. homeowners, commercial enterprises and nonprofits.

Following are some questions and answers from my business partners at Sunpower:

Solar Electric-How will this affect net energy metering or net surplus compensation?
We do not see any potential impact to NEM or NSC for existing or future solar installations. PG&E has an obligation under state law and the CPUC decisions to continue calculating customers’ credits under the approved NEM and NSC formulas. Similarly, PG&E is required to continue offering the NEM successor tariff and to make NSC payments to solar customers. PG&E’s bankruptcy status will not affect PG&E’s NEM and NSC commitments under state law.

Solar Electric Storage-Could PG&E suspend SGIP incentive payments?

Because the funds used for the incentives and the administration of SGIP are collected by a separate addition on utility bills and the funds are reserved under state law for the purposes of SGIP, we do not foresee any impact on the program. Suspension of the program would not help PG&E cover any of its general debt obligations because PG&E cannot redirect SGIP funds for that use.

Solar Electric-How could PG&E’s bankruptcy affect interconnection requests?

We do not anticipate any direct impact of the filing on interconnection processing. Like SGIP, the main impact that could arise is if interconnection departments suffer from staff defections. This could further extend interconnection processing timelines and exacerbate attempts to resolve disputes about specific interconnection projects or other issues.

So there you have it. Clear as day….yes? As always, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me with questions or concerns.


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