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Solar Electric TodayWelcome to Solar Electric Today. This website is devoted to solar electric for consumers; that is business-owners & managers, and homeowners, who want superior equipment, technical competence and ethical business practices. This is not another website for people in the renewable energy industry.

A Bit of Background

In 1981 I emigrated from England to the US. I lived in Japan for fifteen years until my return to California in 2013. Since then, I’ve been navigating the world of commercial and residential solar electric. Presently I represent two of the premier dealer-installers who ply their trade in PG&E territory.

If you have questions about whether or not solar electric is for you or any other topic related to PV (photovoltaics), let me know. Email me; charles(at)solarelectrictoday.com, text or call me at (530) 268-5442, or just click HERE and send me a message.

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