Solar Electric TodayFor commercial customers, Solar Electric has never been better. The the federal income tax credit (30% of install cost) is still available till the end of 2019. There is also the accelerated depreciation schedule, although there are questions about whether or not this is an advantage. The cost-savings from the offset solar can be reflected as income. Consult with your finance manager or CPA.

Local governments are also taking advantage of various grants and programs available at the federal and state levels.

And because northern California is so much a rural state (and Sacramento favors the farmers) there’s some interesting financing options for agri-business on the table. Farms and agricultural business have more programs to draw from, also making solar an excellent choice of renewable energy.

The initial design and engineering methods that we use for a commercial solar electric system are the same we use for residential solar electric systems. The only difference is that many businesses are subject to demand charges due to the amount of electricity they need during a given period. More about demand charges in future posts.

If you want to know more about solar electric for your business, contact me.