Solar Electric-The Basics

Most of us understand how solar electric is made. The sun shines on a solar panel and electricity is generated. For a more in-depth explanation contact me —> here, and I’ll give you a more technical overview.

What may not be so clear is how the electric company compensates solar customers.
Following is a short video from PG&E explaining solar…

Solar Electric-The Disappearing Bennies

The fact is that with each passing year – or in some cases each passing business quarter – the benefits of becoming a solar customer shrink. The benefits from installing solar that you put off a couple years ago, are no longer available.

For example, less than two years ago, the electric company offered a rollover account for your unused generation. Each year you were able to rollover *and keep* the extra Kilowatt hours that your system generated. Not so any more. At the end of your billing cycle, any generated Kwh that you have is wiped clean and you start all over again.

Used to be that upon becoming a solar customer, PG&E charged a $4.30 per month ‘connection’ fee. That fee is now around $10.00 per month.

Here’s another: (three times a charm right?)….At the end of 2019 the 30% federal tax credit is reduced to 25% and in a couple more years will bottom out at 22% of the cost of your system installation.

The Solar Electric Moral

Now that I’ve had my rant, I must also say that PG&E grandfathers the solar customer for the next 20 years after PTO. Well done indeed PG&E ?

Even so, the moral of our story is, get solar now while the getting is good. As with all good things, it’s not going to last.

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