Solar Electric Today-NonprofitsHow do we address solar electric for nonprofits? Nonprofit organizations (NPO’s), are not just religious organizations. An NPO is tax exempt under 501(c)(3) if it is either a religious, charitable, or educational based organization.

Solar Electric-The Challenge

The challenge for NPO’s to acquire solar electric is their tax exemption status. They’re forced into dipping into their cash reserves, if any. NPO’s usually run very lean financially.  Other methods of payment include organizing fund-raisers, or ask for more donations.  This means a lobbying effort to their congregation or members, who are already generously supporting their charitable organization.

Since there’s no tax-savings benefit, trying to stave off the onslaught of rising electricity rates is almost impossible. Almost….

Solar Electric-Your Choice of Acquisition

One way for NPO’s to acquire solar electric is the PPA – the power purchase agreement. Using solar electricity as the power source, A PPA allows nonprofits the benefit of lower electricity rates via the PPA provider. I’ll post more about PPA’s and nonprofits. Watch this space.

If you’re a nonprofit looking to lower your electricity bill, contact me HERE.